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Our Price: $7.95

(Pilot) The high-flying adventures of three sexy airline stewardesses, one of which is smokin' hot Connie Sellecca.

B.A.D CATS (1980)
Our Price: $9.95

(Pilot) "B.A.D." stands for "Burglary Auto Detail," and the B.A.D. Cats are a team of cops who investigate car thieves.

BUNCO (1977)
Our Price: $9.95

(Pilot) Tom Selleck and Robert Urich are members of the "Bunco" squad the squad in charge of nabbing con men, cheats, and swindlers.

BORN FREE (1974)
Our Price: $9.95

(Pilot) Based on the 1966 hit movie of the same name this drama chronicles the adventures of two married game wardens in Kenya.

77 SUNSET STRIP (1958)
Our Price: $9.95

(Pilot) Stu Bailey and Jeff Spencer were the wisecracking, womanizing private detective heroes of this Warner Brothers drama. Stu and Jeff worked out of an office located at 77 Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, right next door to a snazzy restaurant where Kookie worked as a valet. The finger-snapping, slang-talking Kookie occasionally helped Stu and Jeff with their cases, and eventually became a full-fledged member of the detective agency. Rex Randolph and J.R. Hale also joined the firm, and Suzanne was their leggy secretary. Starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Roger Smith and Edd Byrnes.
Our Price: $9.95

(Pilot) Ben Gazzara plays a successful lawyer who is told by his doctor in the first episode that he will die in one to two years. He decides to do all of the things he has never had time for. The program becomes a series of plays in which he meets a wide variety of people from bums riding the rails, to gigolos, to orphans and becomes a man who has little fear of death and everything but time. Also starring Michael Rennie, Antoinette Bower and Katherine Crawford.
JAMES AT 15 (1977)
Our Price: $11.95

(Pilot) A 15-year-old whose family moves from Oregon to Boston and misses the girlfriend he left behind, so he runs away to see her. The rest is one long cross-country adventure.

Our Price: $11.95

(Pilot) A spinoff from the crime series "Ironisde", this series followed the exploits of San Francisco's first female Chief of Detectives.

Our Price: $11.95

(Pilot) The cases of a secret government agency designed to infiltrate the inner workings of organized crime in America.

Our Price: $11.95

(Pilot) A government agent with a photographic memory is assigned to solve the disappearance of an entire fleet of old Air Force planes.